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Need Credit Repair?


-Free Credit Report Analysis

-Month to Month Program

-No Contract

-Discount Rate for Couple Enrollment

-Client Portal to Monitor your Progress

-Work Closely w/Real Credit Experts, No Call Centers

-Refer-A-Friend Program

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Are your credit scores at their full potential?

Many of us don’t realize the impact credit has on us until we truly need it.

We provide an in depth credit report analysis to see what, if anything, is affecting your scores. Our financial fitness consultants will work one on one with you throughout our intensive credit repair process to help you meet your credit goals.

You will come out of our credit repair program with greater knowledge of what your credit life truly means & how to maintain good credit standing.

Credit monitoring is considered a soft pull and will not hurt your scores. 

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How Important are Credit Cards?

Benefits of Being an Authorized User

Credit cards account for 30% of your scores and without them scores can get stagnant.  A $300 limit card will help you more than a $30,000 car loan because credit cards are unsecured.  Credit cards are the riskiest type of credit you can obtain so demonstrating that you can manage those, it will give you the best boost to your scores.   he older the better so being an authorized user can raise your scores because the average age of the positive open trade lines is increased.

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